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mobilizing stories through research

to build just and sustainable communities

Amy K Coplen, PhD

I conduct innovative research that equips organizations with the tools, information, and evidence they need to lead their own movements for economic and social justice.

I take a critical approach

to understanding inequality and identifying pathways towards more just and sustainable organizations and communities.

I support nonprofits, coalition groups, government agencies, schools and universities,

labor unions, and businesses that are committed to a

better future for all.

“I absolutely loved partnering with Amy. Amy approaches her work with thoughtfulness, patience, and diligence, and she connects easily and genuinely with people of all walks of life. Not only does she have an impressive skill set, but she really is a joy to be around, and I always felt so much more energized after our meetings. Our project- the planning, execution and results- turned out so much better because of her involvement. I would love to work with Amy again!”

Allea Martin, MPH

Kaiser Permanente



Amy K Coplen, PhD

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