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I work collaboratively with partners to:

  • better understand the experiences of the community members they serve

  • gather input from key stakeholders

  • evaluate and strengthen existing programing 

  • demonstrate the need for continued funding

  • provide evidence to support policy campaigns

  • identify new strategies, programs, and policy solutions that promote equity and sustainability


I engage community members in research and decision making, drawing on their expertise and validating their lived experience. I use Community-Based Participatory Research to demonstrate the importance of continued funding for existing programs or to make a strong case for additional programs and policies to meet community needs.

I conduct both qualitative and quantitative research, including interviews, focus groups, surveys, and demographic analysis. I can design and execute projects from start to finish or enter the research process at different stages (data collection, analysis, dissemination), depending on your needs.


I evaluate programs to demonstrate their value to funders, to show how they impact participants, and to identify potential opportunities for improvement. I use both Community-Based Participatory Research and traditional research methods as evaluation tools and help organizations write evaluation into their funding applications.



I create space for people to feel comfortable sharing stories so that we can understand their diverse lived experiences. My approach to facilitation focuses on identifying common experiences so that community members can build relationships and cultivate community.


I offer experiential education, trainings, and workshops that provide hands-on experience so that participants leave with the tools they need to execute their own Photovoice and other Community-Based Participatory Research projects.

Research & Evaluation
Workshops & Trainings
Community Engagement & Facilitation
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